Diabetes Diet

What foods are part of a healthy diabetes diet?

One of the most important things anyone, especially those who are retirement age, can do when they've been diagnosed with diabetes is to change their diet. Type 2 diabetes is a condition that results when the insulin produced by the pancreas is insufficient to remove sugar from the bloodstream. A type 2 diabetes diet offers the ideal balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein to keep the diabetes controlled. Whether or not oral medication or insulin injections are prescribed, diabetes diets should be strictly followed, as well. And there's no reason it should be a bland or boring diet. You can still enjoy some favorite foods if you keep some basic principles in mind.

Type 2 Diabetes Diet

The amount of sugar in diabetes diets is an important component of your diabetes treatment guidelines. When you plan meals, you will need to understand that the sugar you eat will show up in your bloodstream. But sugar isn't the only thing that will raise your blood sugar levels. Starches like rice, flour, potatoes and pasta can affect your blood sugar even more drastically than table sugar, which is why diabetes diets are usually low or missing foods like those.

An important tool for controlling diabetes with diet is the glycemic index. This index measures each food's affect on blood sugar by not just how high the blood sugar level will rise, but how quickly it absorbs and enters the bloodstream.

Of the commonly recommended diabetes diets, like low-carb or no-carb, a low-carb / good-carb eating plan is one of the best ways of controlling diabetes with diet. Following a good carb eating plan with the help of the glycemic index gives you a healthier, more rounded diet than if you followed a very restricted low-carb or no-carb diet. Some extreme carbohydrate-restricted diets even limit vegetables and fruits – and that's not good for anyone. Vegetables are some of the best carbs you can eat and are important parts of diabetes diets.

Controlling Diabetes with Diet

Good carbohydrates are those that enter the bloodstream more slowly and raise the blood sugar level less than other carbs. Check your blood sugar so you know exactly how that food affects you. If you watch your type and amounts of carbs, and combine them with protein to further slow their entrance into your bloodstream, then there's no reason you can't still enjoy some of your favorite foods or very similar variations on them while controlling diabetes with diet.