Whether indoors or out there's a hobby for everyone

After working a lifetime, most people over 50 find the quieter period surrounding retirement a bit boring. Many baby boomers find that acquiring a new hobby is the perfect way to chase boredom out of their lives, and sometimes hobbies can even take on a life of their own.

No two people can agree on the best pastimes for seniors, so many people stumble through hobbies trying to find the best one by trial and error. Some of the most popular pastimes for seniors include fishing, gardening, model building, bird watching and tracing their roots through genealogy. Many of these recreation hobbies can even result in a second income, and all of them open up social possibilities that may not have existed before embarking upon these hobbies. Here are a few ideas for a new passion in life.


One of the oldest and most well-established hobbies, fishing is not so much a pastime for seniors as a way of life. There are several different types of fishing, and experimenting with the different varieties is a fun and challenging opportunity for seniors looking for recreational hobbies. Deep sea fishing, for example, pits anglers against some of the most powerful, sought-after fish in the sea, while fly fishing is almost an art, requiring technique and patience.


One of the most productive and satisfying pastimes for seniors is gardening. Flower gardeners beautify their homes through the planting and care of perennials and seasonal flowers. Vegetable and fruit gardeners often produce bountiful amounts of produce with a little effort, making gardening less of a recreation hobby and more of an investment in good nutrition.

Model Building

Constructing scale models of ships, cars and planes requires a keen eye, a steady hand and patience. Model building is immensely popular throughout the country, and kits of various sizes can get a retiree off to a good start very quickly.


The bounty of nature is on display for those bird-watchers with enough patience, the right binoculars and a handy field guide. Hundreds of birds live in every region of the country, making birding one of the most accessible and relaxing recreation hobbies.


Finding one's roots, especially in America, is an art form in itself. Patience, curiosity and a love of archives helps people over 50 excel at these kinds of hobbies.